Cello Framework Ver4.2 Release

Cello Framework Ver. 4.2 Released

Cello, the Multi Tenant application development framework version 4.2 released this week. The enhancements and features of this release are listed below:

Module Description
Workflow If Else Router
If-Else-Router is a specialized form of Router that has if-else branching construct for the conditions. If the condition is true then task which is connected with If node will be executed and vice-versa
Direct User Support
The Manual activities can now be allocated to individual users rather than assigning to Roles
Service Call Activity
A Service call activity has been added into the default activity list, which can enable Tenant Admins to configure Web Services.
Metering UI level support for defining usage
Product Administrators can now set the usage limit using the Admin Dashboard.
Service behaviour configuration for meter increment and decrement
System will increment the usage till the maximum count given in the package and keeps track of the usage.
Usage audit
Tracking and monitoring the usage.
Security Row level permission for an entity for a user or role
With this feature, Tenant administrators can bind selective records to the users.
Cache Synchronization Cache synchronization
Helps to update the Cached data in all the separate servers in real time
Business Rules Tenant Based -XML Rule
It lets the tenants to create dynamic business rules by themselves and test it using the inbuilt Rule Tester.
Notification XML Support for notification
XML input can be passed as an input to the Notification Template. The notification is upgraded to parse the XML inputs replacing the xml notations.
Tenant specific notification
It lets the tenants to register tenant specific Notification along with placeholders
Customization Extension Field Search capability
The data captured using the extended fields can now be searched using this enhancement
Events Creation of events via UI
Product Admin can register new Events in the application using the Admin dashboard
Mapping of events to workflow via UI
Events can be hooked with Workflow; doing so will make the workflow to execute as soon as the events get triggered.
Code Generator EF DAL Support
Enhanced the Code generator to support Entity Framework
Web Hooks Service end point pipeline
Tenants can now independently configure the service end points using the dashboard. The registered end points can be used throughout the application as well as within Workflow

CelloSaaS Feature List

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