celloSaaS v2.2 released

New Features of celloSaaS v2.2

By extending its data providers to support MySQL and SQL Azure (in addition to SQL 2008), Techcello has substantially increased the flexibility and scalability of applications built using celloSaaS. (v 2.2 released in April 2011)

celloSaaS is now Windows Azure compatible, which means, you can leverage the elasticity, distributed caching, service bus, federated access control services and many other advanced features of Microsoft Azure.
On the other hand, if you are comfortable hosting your application on the Amazon Cloud, then the MySQL / Amazon RDS support of celloSaaS could be very useful.

Even if you are not ready to offer your product on a SaaS business model, you can still future proof your product by migrating it to the celloSaaS framework. You can continue to offer the product on-premise (on a Windows Box) or from a data centre / virtual machine till you and your customers are ready to move to the cloud.

Apart from multi-tenancy, celloSaaS brings enormous amount of customizability and configurability to your product using a meta data based approach. This means, even in an on-premise model, you will be able to serve the disparate needs of different customers with a single code base, saving substantial amount of money on implementation, maintenance and support.

Next Release v3.0
ISVs are realizing that taking an existing on-premise product and dropping it in to a container / application server for a monthly fee, may be the fastest way to multi-tenancy and data isolation. But at best this could be a stop gap arrangement and it is definitely not a permanent solution.

One reason of-course is the inherent vendor lock in. And more importantly. there are many other aspects such as customizability and configurability that may or may not have been considered during the earlier thinking and design of the on-premise product.

celloSaaS already provides tenant level customizability for data models, forms, grids, UI themes, security, access control privileges and data scope policies, using a meta data based approach. So you do not have to worry about these aspects. Instead you can focus only on building your business features.

However one of the important needs of any application today is the need to externalize the business rules and workflows out of your code base and make them customizable for each tenant. celloSaaS will support this from the next release scheduled for Q2. If you would like to start your application before that, contact us and we will help you align your development plan with our beta release and final release of v3.0.

Some of the other additions that you can expect in the forthcoming releases are:
** A multi-tenant query builder (with support for data model extensions / custom fields added by tenants and enforcement of data scope policies and access control privileges)
** A multi-tenant custom report tool

CelloSaaS Feature List

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