Asteor CEO speaking at Nasscom Product Conclave

Panel Discussion: Winning First Few Customers Moderator: Balaji Chakravarthi Panelists:  Balaraman Jayaraman - Co-Founder & President, Congruent Solutions , Kunal Nandwani - Co-founder, uTrade, Shankar Krishnamoorthy - Co-founder and CEO, Asteor Software Early Stage companies often keep asking themselves this question. How…

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IDC Named TechCello A Strong Contender Among Cloud Application Platforms (Code Driven – CAP)

IDC Named TechCello a Strong Contender among Cloud Application Platforms (Code Driven – CAP)

IDC has recently published an article named “The Evolving State of PaaS” in October 2013, the research primarily captures the major players under the category of Application PaaS or Code driven CAP and other Model based APaaS. TechCello has been named as one of the Key Player in this category under .Net/C# Programming Languages.
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