SaaS Architect’s Perspective

SaaS Development – An Architect’s Perspective

SaaS architect’s maze – If you are a SaaS architect, I am sure your career will be restless. Lots of technical challenges and “Abilities” to be addressed in addition to the challenges imposed by the business domain such scalability, performance, security, configurability, maintainability, operation aspects, higher productivity ; one not affecting the other.

Truth is there is no single right or wrong answer for addressing these challenges. All these need a couple of iterations to get it right. Also the fact of “what is right today is obsolete tomorrow” adds up to the vigor of dynamics in these decisions.

An architect’s mind will be swamped with questions about:

  • Data isolation strategy
  • Security for the resources
  • Strategy for billing
  • Strategy for data scaling
  • Strategy for maintainability
  • Productivity boosters

Business vs Technical – The debate

The biggest challenge however is not to compromise on these technical quality and also tackle the business challenges like lower cost of development, faster time to market, etc. The rush of releasing new features and “wowing” the customer leaves no breathing space to make mistakes and learn.

The Mantra “REUSE”

Balancing these two challenges is an art and is only upto smart architects to come out successful. A biggest differentiator for a smart architect is the ability to leverage existing technologies and not reinvent the wheel. As an architect while it is really tempting to hand craft everything from scratch it does not sync well with business demands and dynamics. If someone has already invented it why waste your precious time in repeating it and maintaining it while you can concentrate on your unique domain problem.

SaaS development booster

Techcello is a saas development framework exclusively created for architects like you. As architects for multiple SaaS products, we could understand the need of a pre packaged architecture solution for any SaaS offering. We have taken all our experience and learning to a single solution that could ease the job of many other architects looking for the same answers. Following list of Techcello’s modules answers all the questions of SaaS challenges leaving you with the time to craft your business domain features in peace.

• Security

• Subscription

Multi tenancy

• Configuration Management

• Business Engines

• Data Backup

• Notification Management.

Please visit site for more details.

SaaS Migration Whitepaper

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Jothi Rengarajan

Jothi serves as the Principal Architect of Techcello. She is responsible for the architecture and technical roadmap of Techcello; she plays consultative role for various customers of Techcello in architecting their products on top of Techcello. Prior to Techcello, Jothi worked with Aspire Systems as Technical architect, where she has architected and developed over 30+ SaaS/Multi-tenant products for global ISVs. Jothi is a prominent speaker on Cloud Technologies in various technical forums. She has 16+ years of software development experience. Jothi has bachelors in electronics and communication engineering.

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