Why PaaS is not a fit for ISVs?

Platform as a Service (PaaS) definitely provides great benefits when it comes to rapid development and deployment capabilities. However, from an (product) architect’s point of view PaaS is more of a blackbox that can be used (only) in a certain prescribed way.

If you are the CTO of a product company and you have answered “Yes” for the following requirement

  • You want to have control over the db design and the data architecture
  • You want to design the layers of your architecture
  • You want to use a different security framework (than the one provided by your PaaS provider)
  • You want to switch to a different cloud provider for economic reasons
  • You want to deploy your product as on-premise for large customers
  • You want to include a particular third party UI control in your page to offer better usability.

then PaaS is not for you.

Now you ask yourself what is the right fit for your business?

“The Techcello approach is likely to be ideal for companies -especially independent software vendors – that need to get to market relatively quickly with a multitenant SaaS solution and would like a substantial shortcut while avoiding lock-in to a proprietary application platform as a service (aPaaS)”                                                                                                                                                Gartner

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Janaki Jayachandran

Janaki serves as the Director of Technology at Techcello. Janaki has more than 15+ years of software development experience. He is responsible for product engineering, support and evangelization of Techcello. Prior to Techcello, Janaki worked with Aspire Systems as Delivery Manager and Practice Manager focused on Microsoft Technologies and SaaS/On-Demand product development. He has worked with several ISVs and enterprises in building multi-tenant, cloud enabled products. He has travelled widely across the US and UK for working with various customers. Janaki is an ardent cloud enthusiast and a prolific speaker at various cloud conferences including Interop, SaaS University, Cloud Connect and Euro Cloud.

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