9 Quotable Quotes About Multi Tenancy

9 “Quotable” quotes about “Multi-Tenancy” & “SaaS”

ISVs & Product Developers now thoroughly realized the potential of “Multi-Tenancy” and the loads of Business Benefits, Operational, Economical and Monization Benefits for them and the Offering. The below compilations of 9 Quotes about “Multi-Tenancy” from the various Top SaaS Vendors and the industry leading SaaS Players who have actually realized these tangible benefits have quoted these Quotes.

Quote 1: ”Multi-tenancy is really the future of our industry – Marc Benioff, CEO, Salesforce.com

Quote 2: ” It’s impossible to be successful in SaaS without Multi-Tenancy – Treb Ryan, CEO, OpSource

Quote 3: ”As a result of Multi-Tenancy we have achieved the lowest cost per seat in the SaaS Industry – Lars Dalgaard, CEO, Successfactors

Quote 4: ”Due to Multi-Tenancy our gross margin by over 70% – Zach Nelson, CEO, NetSuite

Quote 5: ”People are using virtualization to take traditional software and deploy it into the cloud … as a way of faking ‘true’ multi-tenancy – Treb Ryan, CEO, OpSource

Quote 6: ”Instead of 10 copies of the OS, 10 copies of the DB, and 10 copies of the app, it has 1 OS, 1 DB and 1 app on the server – CNCCookbook CEO, Bob Warfield

Quote 7: ”Multi-Tenancy is a requirement for a SaaS vendor to be successful – Marc Benioff, CEO, Salesforce.com

Quote 8: ”Secure multi-tenancy is the key to utility computing, and now we can scale more securely – Aisling MacRunnels CMO, JIVE Software

Quote 9: ”The biggest value of multi-tenancy is not the benefit that Salesforce points out but the fact that it forced Salesforce into doing a better job of creating a metadata-driven application – Tien Tzuo, CEO and Co-Founder of Zuora

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