9 “Quotable” Quotes About “Multi-Tenancy” & “SaaS”

9 “Quotable” quotes about “Multi-Tenancy” & “SaaS”

ISVs & Product Developers now thoroughly realized the potential of “Multi-Tenancy” and the loads of Business Benefits, Operational, Economical and Monization Benefits for them and the Offering. The below compilations of 9 Quotes about “Multi-Tenancy” from the various Top SaaS…

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16 Ingredients Of A Successful SaaS Company

16 Ingredients of a Successful SaaS Company

There has been numerous articles, blogs, whitepapers which highlights the difficulties and challenges involved in building highly Scalable, Profitable and Sustainable SaaS Applications especially Multi-Tenant based solutions. These articles points out very few real challenges which are so obvious and…

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CelloSaaS Security Architecture Tested With Veracode And Adheres OWASP & NIST Web Application Security Guidelines

CelloSaaS Security Architecture Tested with Veracode and adheres OWASP & NIST Web Application Security Guidelines

Techcello, a .net based Multi-tenant application development framework built with all Security techniques in mind to make sure applications built/migrated using Techcello is not compromised with any of the security issues. To prove the statement, Techcello has been rigorously tested with Veracode, a pioneer in Web Application Security including static code analysis on compiled binary executables, dynamic web application analysis, and manual penetration testing and source code review.
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IDC Named TechCello A Strong Contender Among Cloud Application Platforms (Code Driven – CAP)

IDC Named TechCello a Strong Contender among Cloud Application Platforms (Code Driven – CAP)

IDC has recently published an article named “The Evolving State of PaaS” in October 2013, the research primarily captures the major players under the category of Application PaaS or Code driven CAP and other Model based APaaS. TechCello has been named as one of the Key Player in this category under .Net/C# Programming Languages.
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