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Webinar: Building a Scalable and Profitable SaaS Business Model

SaaS and Cloud has completely transformed the way products are built and delivered to users. While there are several technical strategies to deliver a product in a SaaS model, can they sustain as you grow? From an ISV perspective the following questions are very critical,

  • Is this model scalable and can I add more customers?
  • How do I keep my operational expenses low?
  • How can I deliver superior quality of service at a lower cost?

This webinar focuses on 3 important areas in a SaaS model – Business, Operations and Engineering. We will discuss on how “SaaS Life Cycle Management” (SLCM) can result in significant savings for ISVs.

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Key Take Aways:

  • Components of a SaaS Life Cycle Management Solution
  • Lead/Trial conversion techniques
  • SaaS – Non Functional Requirements
  • Automating your subscription management
  • Self-servicing capabilities

Date: 13th Nov 2013, Time: 1.00 P.M EST (Eastern Standard Time), Duration: 60 Minutes


Janakiraman, Director of Technology, Techcello Janakiraman J Director of Technology at Techcello
Jothi Rengarajan, Prinicipal Architect at Techcello Jothi Rengarajan Principal Architect at Techcello

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