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Cello ver 4.3.1 – Key Features

Techcello pleased to announce its new upgraded CelloSaaS ver. 4.3.1. This version brings in new features like Billing, Automating Tenant Registration, Improved User Interface, Dynamic Form etc. Below is the complete list of new Features added in CelloSaaS ver. 4.3.1. Click here to download the Trial Version of the Software.




Billing Feature
  • PayPal and Authorize.NET credit card payment gateway support
  • Create price plans and associate with subscription package
  • Invoice generation and auto debit services
  • Billing Taxes
  • Monthly billing cycle
  • Retry for failed payments
  • Email notifications for bill generation, payment success and payment failure

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Tenant Self Registration
  • The self-registration feature is available to end users from the Register link on the Login page.
  • The product administrator has the option of allowing or not allowing self-registration. Self-registration can reduce the workload for the administrator because it enables users to add themselves to the SaaS Application.

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Dynamic Forms

  • Create a business entity on the fly

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Enhanced Reporting Engine

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Dashboards for Tenant, Billing and Tenant Analysis
  • Improved Dashboards for Managing Tenants, Billing etc

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Auto raise events on entity Create / Update / Delete operations
  • This Feature cut down the effort required by the developer to register and trigger events on the Course of CRUD operations on an entity.

    e.g.: “EntityID_Created/Updated/Deleted”

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Usage configuration via Fluent API

  • Register metering variables of the components using Fluent APIs
Data Partitioning Feature
  • Feature to help Product administrators/Operations team to provision separate database/schema per tenant. Refer here

CelloSaaS Feature List

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