Let Your SaaS Application “REST” In Peace

Let your SaaS Application “REST” in peace

While building a SaaS application, it’s extremely important to support other gateways to access the application features. In today's world the number of devices that can access your SaaS application is only growing by the hour. Therefore, you need to…

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CelloSaaS Security Architecture Tested With Veracode And Adheres OWASP & NIST Web Application Security Guidelines

CelloSaaS Security Architecture Tested with Veracode and adheres OWASP & NIST Web Application Security Guidelines

Techcello, a .net based Multi-tenant application development framework built with all Security techniques in mind to make sure applications built/migrated using Techcello is not compromised with any of the security issues. To prove the statement, Techcello has been rigorously tested with Veracode, a pioneer in Web Application Security including static code analysis on compiled binary executables, dynamic web application analysis, and manual penetration testing and source code review.
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