Techcello goes to a whole new level..

New Customers..

The year ending March 2012 was interesting in many ways. We had many more customers from places like Australia, Colombo, New Delhi, and USA, betting on the Techcello platform for building Multi-tenant SaaS applications.

We added a large multi-national BPO to our list of customers, proving once again that the demand for Cloud and Multi-tenancy is not limited to SaaS. Another US based ISV in the “enterprise retail chain” vertical, chose the Techcello platform for all their present and future development projects in the Cloud – SaaS – Multi-tenancy space.

New Benchmarks..

We are proud to have customers like Secova who have built a large and complex benefit administration platform using Techcello, with a design to handle millions of employee records and 2500-5000 concurrent users. (Case Study). The Techcello platform not only saved them time and cost, but also allowed them to create, configure and onboard customers in 3 days instead of 3 months. A completely rule based benefit plan designer is the highlight of this project. The various business rules governing benefit plans can be customized for different tenants differently by end users (employees, customers operational managers).

New Features..

On the product side, we have been silently working on some interesting features that takes Techcello to a whole new level.

A graphical Workflow designer will allow end users to create and modify workflows at the tenant level. An automatic code generator function will further enhance the savings in Developer time and effort. Stratification of tenants will allow common back office teams to simultaneously access multiple tenants data while at the same time enforcing enterprise class access control and dynamic data scope policies. Hierarchy (with roll up / role down) at the Product and Tenant Administrator levels will allow partners and agents to create and manage customers on behalf of their principals. Utilities for backing up tenant specific data, support for Entity framework and Out of the box support for some popular Devexpress controls are some of the other interesting features.

New Offers..

There are some exciting offers that will be announced shortly for those in the Microsoft eco system. Microsoft Bizpark and Bizpark One program members, Microsoft VSIP program members and SI Partners of Microsoft will have a lot to gain from Techcello this year. Watch this space for more information.

The analysis and graphs of the Techcello – Survey 2012 will be posted here shortly.

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