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Building Effective REST APIs

Most of the applications are architected around RestAPIs these days, be it for layering or for integration. All leading web technologies enable building RestAPIs with ease. Techcello has followed this design principle in constructing the entire framework. All the functionalities are available as REST APIs for consumption. However, I have come across few cases of project teams where design considerations are neglected. These considerations are mandatory to make the APIs truly RESTful. Let us look at some of them in this blog. RestAPI versioning If your Rest APIs are exposed for integration with multiple subsystems or with external systems, then it …Continue reading →


Why Single Sign On is Important?

With the web 2.0, online authentication has evolved. Social networking platforms provide unique opportunity for online businesses to bring their products up close to the customers in their virtual lives. User behaviour on these sites gives the businesses a unique view on each of their customer’s personal preferences. With the web 2.0, there are new and growing algorithms to understand the user behaviour on different social networks. These are then used by the platforms such as Facebook, twitter and google to post adverts of companies which the user would have a better chance of logging into using the single sign …Continue reading →


Techcello congratulates our Customer 4ThoughtMarketing for their SaaS software


Techcello  congratulates our customer, 4ThoughtMarketing for releasing their flagship product, 4Segments .​  It is a SaaS based market segmentation product.  Following are the quick overview of the software: 4Segments™ helps you quickly and effectively understand and segment your market using simple and intuitive graphical interface. You can use real-time Venn diagrams to meet your segmentation needs with precision, confidence and without writing text-based filters. Also you can gain instant understanding as you manipulate segments and compare results in real time. Leverage success and make adjustments with segments you can save, reuse and easily modify. Quickly and easily create highly targeted lists …Continue reading →


Webinar – How to Achieve True Scalability in SaaS Applications?

SaaS has almost become the defacto standard of delivering products. ISVs selling on-premise products have started realizing that SaaS is the key to stay in the competition. But, whether you migrate your product to SaaS or build a new one, it’s important for an ISV to understand the best practices that can help them avoid the mistakes/learnings that have already been made. Following are the details of the third part of this 5 part webinar series Webinar – How to Achieve True Scalability in SaaS Applications? Reserve Your Seat Now >> Wed, Apr 8, 2015 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM …Continue reading →


Asteor CEO speaking at Nasscom Product Conclave

Nasscom Product Conclave

Panel Discussion: Winning First Few Customers Moderator: Balaji Chakravarthi Panelists:  Balaraman Jayaraman – Co-Founder & President, Congruent Solutions , Kunal Nandwani – Co-founder, uTrade, Shankar Krishnamoorthy – Co-founder and CEO, Asteor Software Early Stage companies often keep asking themselves this question. How do I acquire my First Few Customers and build a scalable business? Since the founders themselves need to go out and sell in their early days, a clear understanding of the profile of potential customers, their needs and the quantum of efforts to acquire the first set of customers, are very critical for success. The successful product owners on panel …Continue reading →


Business Driven Architecture for SaaS

SaaS Architecture

Do you know that a very small percentage of SaaS businesses are profitable, including those that have been in the market since the SaaS model began? Let’s pick the giant in SaaS business – is undoubtedly one of the biggest SaaS company in the market with highest levels of market penetration almost in every vertical. Salesforce has been the forerunner for SaaS companies with amazing growth, and today has more than $4 billion in revenues, with more than 13,000 employees. However, all these superfluous hype don’t add up with the fact that Salesforce is still a loss-making company (reporting …Continue reading →


Is Profitability a Myth in SaaS Model?

SaaS Maturity Calculator

Whether software vendors like it or not, today they don’t have a choice other than providing atleast one version of their software in a subscription based SaaS model. One single major concern from Independent Software Vendors (ISV) is the “profitability”. There are quite a few myths about profitability in SaaS that are assumed by ISVs. In this blog I am going to take some of the common myths associated with/contribute towards profitability. Let’s take one by one and break it down. High Volume of Customers: Yes, this is definitely true. ISVs should plan towards having more number of customers as …Continue reading →


9 “Quotable” quotes about “Multi-Tenancy” & “SaaS”

9 Quotable Quotes about Multi Tenancy

ISVs & Product Developers now thoroughly realized the potential of “Multi-Tenancy” and the loads of Business Benefits, Operational, Economical and Monization Benefits for them and the Offering. The below compilations of 9 Quotes about “Multi-Tenancy” from the various Top SaaS Vendors and the industry leading SaaS Players who have actually realized these tangible benefits have quoted these Quotes. Quote 1: ”Multi-tenancy is really the future of our industry” – Marc Benioff, CEO, Quote 2: ” It’s impossible to be successful in SaaS without Multi-Tenancy” – Treb Ryan, CEO, OpSource Quote 3: ”As a result of Multi-Tenancy we have achieved …Continue reading →


Techcello Attending the World’s Biggest and Best Conference on HR Technology


Techcello, a pioneer in Cloud/SaaS development Tools and Frameworks is all set to attend The World’s Biggest and Best Conference on HR technology – in Mandalay, Las Vegas this Oct  07-10th . We are primarily looking for Sales Partners, Resellers, Software Vendors, Solution providers throughout the world to work with us specifically within the Microsoft environment for the mutual benefit. CelloSaaS, a .Net based Multi-Tenant application development framework can help ISVs, Enterprises to build Cloud based SaaS solutions faster and smarter that can work on any cloud as well as on-premise. Our current partners include HP, Symphony Teleca, Persistent Systems, …Continue reading →


Common Sense Approach to Building SaaS Application

CelloSaaS Multi-tenant application development

If you have decided to develop a SaaS application, the main focus is to build your domain functionalities and take your MVP(minimal viable product) to market. It is not easy though to build a SaaS application just like that as the entire paradigm of SaaS demands the Non Functional Requirements (NFRs) to be superlative. For example, Security has to ensure protection against data crossovers ACL has to be configurable by tenant Application has to be highly scalable as the volume expected in SaaS is quite high Availability has to be 99.999% minimally Maintainability and testability has to be very high …Continue reading →


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