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Techcello attending Microsoft Worldwide Partner conference 2014 – Washington D.C July 13-17th


Techcello, a pioneer in Cloud/SaaS development Tools and Frameworks is all set to attend the Microsoft WPC conference in Washington, D.C  this year between July 13-17th. We are primarily looking for Sales Partners, Resellers, Software Vendors, Solution providers throughout the world to work with us specifically within the Microsoft environment for the mutual benefit. CelloSaaS, a .Net based Multi Tenant application development framework can help ISVs, Enterprises to build Cloud based SaaS solutions faster and smarter that can work on any cloud especially Microsoft’s Windows Azure. Headquartered in the US and operating from India now looking for channel partners, product resellers, independent consultants, …Continue reading →


Benchmarking SaaS Maturity – Security Assessment


This is the 3rd part of the blog series discussing about benchmarking the maturity of a SaaS solution. Click the following links to see the earlier parts – part 1 and part 2. In this blog let’s look at the various parameters to decide how good your SaaS solution is from a security standpoint. Data Security Is tenant isolation taken care at your framework level without depending on the developers to code correctly? Segregation of Tenants and their data is the most critical aspect in a multi-tenant system. A mistake here can jeopardize the whole organization (both SaaS provider and …Continue reading →


SaaS Startups – Don’t shoot on your own leg


Startup’s Vision blurred by non-business issues SaaS companies are born with a vision of solving a unique business problem. The better it solves those problems the more successful it’s going to be. But SaaS as a delivery model adds more technical challenges to these SaaS startups, which deviates them from the actual problem they were supposed to solve. For example, a HR SaaS product needs to focus all its effort and time on building compelling features to solve HR related problems and not problems pertaining to running the SaaS application itself such as tackling scalability, security, operational efficiency, monitoring, billing …Continue reading →


Benchmarking SaaS Maturity – Architecture Assessment


In continuation to my earlier blog on benchmarking the maturity of a SaaS solution where I talked about 4 segments through which one can find the maturity of a SaaS solution. In this blog I am going to talk about assessing the architecture segment. Design Is your application well layered? Incorrect layering is a common problem for legacy systems. To avoid major rework some people tend to continue with the existing architecture, which might not be layered properly. This could become a major show stopper when the SaaS application starts experiencing performance issues. Do you have service oriented architecture between …Continue reading →


SaaS Architecture – Past and Present


The topic “SaaS”, which was once such a disputed topic, has now been widely accepted. The increase in the adoption as well as the new technology innovations such as cloud has significantly evolved SaaS architecture. In this blog I have tried to take a look back and see what constituted SaaS architecture then and what constitutes now.  Topic Past Approaches Present Approaches Infrastructure Security Security Policies Offered By Cloud Security Audits Firewall Anti-spam SSL Application Security Form based authentication SSO with AD/ OpenID Connect/ WS-Federation Role based Control Multifactor authentication Claim based identity Granular privileges Row and Field level privileges Tenant …Continue reading →


How to Benchmark the Maturity of your SaaS Solution?


There are several strategies available for ISVs to build/migrate their products to a SaaS model. However, each approach has its own pros and cons. There are 2 broad approaches that ISVs typically take towards creating their SaaS solution, • Single Tenant (or) Hosted Model • Multi Tenant Model While there are plenty of differences in the approach between these two models, • Single tenant approach is mostly for products that are migrated from on-premise models to SaaS/cloud model (Read this blog for migration from single tenant to multi-tenant) • Multi-tenant approach has become the defacto standard for all newly built …Continue reading →


11 Reasons Why SaaS Companies Must Use Third Party Software Out of the Box

11 Reasons Why SaaS Companies Must Use Third Party Software Out of the Box

There are less than 10% of products are conceived and built as Desktop/On Premise solutions rest 90% of the products are built for Cloud and especially in the multi-tenant model, there is a new terminology coined now which is “Born in the Cloud”.  Leaving behind the existing apps which have the potential to be migrated to Cloud or SaaS model, most of the new SaaS start-ups are targeted for SMBs, Mid-level Markets and Enterprises in mind. These start-ups companies are completely new to the SaaS product development era and all they know is only about the product they are going …Continue reading →


Let your SaaS Application “REST” in peace


While building a SaaS application, it’s extremely important to support other gateways to access the application features. In today’s world the number of devices that can access your SaaS application is only growing by the hour. Therefore, you need to have a proper design strategy in place to have a sustainable solution for inter/intra access of your SaaS solution. Two of the most common gateways that are typically supported by SaaS Applications are, Mobile applications offered by the SaaS provider Services encompassing the features that can be integrated with external applications REST services are the most preferred way of exposing …Continue reading →


16 Ingredients of a Successful SaaS Company


There has been numerous articles, blogs, whitepapers which highlights the difficulties and challenges involved in building highly Scalable, Profitable and Sustainable SaaS Applications especially Multi-Tenant based solutions. These articles points out very few real challenges which are so obvious and common across any kind of SaaS Applications.  The degrees of complexity in building “Pure” Multi-Tenant SaaS application will vary from one domain to another for Example: Building a SaaS Application targeted to HealthCare industry is completely different from SaaS based education or collaboration platform. Now let’s look at the 16 Ingredients of a Successful SaaS Company, 1. Customer Acquisition Whether …Continue reading →


Business Management Challenges in SaaS


You need to get two things right in order to be a successful SaaS ISV – Right Product and Right Business plan. While the success of the product depends on several factors, including those that are beyond the control of the ISV, putting together a right business plan in very much in control of the ISV. However, in many cases the technical focus over shadows the business focus, resulting in a situation where SaaS ISVs struggle to sustain, and even in the case their product is a hit they find it difficult to sustain the growth from an operational perspective. …Continue reading →


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