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Common Sense Approach to Building SaaS Application

CelloSaaS Multi-tenant application development

If you have decided to develop a SaaS application, the main focus is to build your domain functionalities and take your MVP(minimal viable product) to market. It is not easy though to build a SaaS application just like that as the entire paradigm of SaaS demands the Non Functional Requirements (NFRs) to be superlative. For example, Security has to ensure protection against data crossovers ACL has to be configurable by tenant Application has to be highly scalable as the volume expected in SaaS is quite high Availability has to be 99.999% minimally Maintainability and testability has to be very high …Continue reading →


10 Features To Check Out in your Subscription Management Solution – Part 2


In my previous blog we discussed about the first 5 features that ISVs should check out while choosing their subscription management solution. In this blog I will be covering the remaining 5 features and their importance. Feature #6 – Invoices Billing engine of subscription management solution should be able to automatically generate invoices based on the subscription plan. ISVs should be able to set the date for monthly and quarterly invoice generation. However, for yearly invoices it should happen exactly at the subscription end date. For example, if a user has signed on 16th March, 2014 on pre-paid model then …Continue reading →


10 Features To Check Out in your Subscription Management Solution – Part 1


Subscription management encompasses a wide area of operational activities involved in a SaaS business model. While there are several subscription management solutions available in the market, there is no clear guideline to benchmark them. In this blog I am going to discuss on the Top 10 key features one should look for while deciding on a Subscription Management Solution. Feature #1 – Package Management It’s very common to see multiple editions of the product addressing the various segments of target customers. The same holds good for a SaaS product. This feature should allow you to create a package by grouping …Continue reading →


Webinar – Recipe for a Successful SaaS Company


SaaS has almost become the defacto standard of delivering products. ISVs selling on-premise products have started realizing that SaaS is the key to stay in the competition. But, whether you migrate your product to SaaS or build a new one, it’s important for an ISV to understand the best practices that can help them avoid the mistakes/learnings that have already been made. Following are the details of the first part of this 5 part webinar series Webinar - Recipe for a Successful SaaS Company Reserve Your Seat Now >>Date: Wednesday, September 10, 2014 12:30 PM – 1:30 PM EDT Key Take Aways: …Continue reading →


Why should SaaS ISVs Automate their Subscription process?


Subscription management is one of the under estimated areas in SaaS model. SaaS ISVs tend to focus more on the product engineering side and pay very little attention to the operations and manageability of the SaaS business. At the outset, SaaS subscription management can look as simple as collecting money on a monthly (or recurring) basis from the customer. But that’s only the tip of the ice berg. Infact, majority of the task involved in subscription management has to do with the way you would like to operate your SaaS business model. World is moving towards subscription SaaS solutions today have reached …Continue reading →


Techcello attending Microsoft Worldwide Partner conference 2014 – Washington D.C July 13-17th


Techcello, a pioneer in Cloud/SaaS development Tools and Frameworks is all set to attend the Microsoft WPC conference in Washington, D.C  this year between July 13-17th. We are primarily looking for Sales Partners, Resellers, Software Vendors, Solution providers throughout the world to work with us specifically within the Microsoft environment for the mutual benefit. CelloSaaS, a .Net based Multi Tenant application development framework can help ISVs, Enterprises to build Cloud based SaaS solutions faster and smarter that can work on any cloud especially Microsoft’s Windows Azure. Headquartered in the US and operating from India now looking for channel partners, product resellers, independent consultants, …Continue reading →


Benchmarking SaaS Maturity – Security Assessment


This is the 3rd part of the blog series discussing about benchmarking the maturity of a SaaS solution. Click the following links to see the earlier parts – part 1 and part 2. In this blog let’s look at the various parameters to decide how good your SaaS solution is from a security standpoint. Data Security Is tenant isolation taken care at your framework level without depending on the developers to code correctly? Segregation of Tenants and their data is the most critical aspect in a multi-tenant system. A mistake here can jeopardize the whole organization (both SaaS provider and …Continue reading →


SaaS Startups – Don’t shoot on your own leg


Startup’s Vision blurred by non-business issues SaaS companies are born with a vision of solving a unique business problem. The better it solves those problems the more successful it’s going to be. But SaaS as a delivery model adds more technical challenges to these SaaS startups, which deviates them from the actual problem they were supposed to solve. For example, a HR SaaS product needs to focus all its effort and time on building compelling features to solve HR related problems and not problems pertaining to running the SaaS application itself such as tackling scalability, security, operational efficiency, monitoring, billing …Continue reading →


Benchmarking SaaS Maturity – Architecture Assessment


In continuation to my earlier blog on benchmarking the maturity of a SaaS solution where I talked about 4 segments through which one can find the maturity of a SaaS solution. In this blog I am going to talk about assessing the architecture segment. Design Is your application well layered? Incorrect layering is a common problem for legacy systems. To avoid major rework some people tend to continue with the existing architecture, which might not be layered properly. This could become a major show stopper when the SaaS application starts experiencing performance issues. Do you have service oriented architecture between …Continue reading →


SaaS Architecture – Past and Present


The topic “SaaS”, which was once such a disputed topic, has now been widely accepted. The increase in the adoption as well as the new technology innovations such as cloud has significantly evolved SaaS architecture. In this blog I have tried to take a look back and see what constituted SaaS architecture then and what constitutes now.  Topic Past Approaches Present Approaches Infrastructure Security Security Policies Offered By Cloud Security Audits Firewall Anti-spam SSL Application Security Form based authentication SSO with AD/ OpenID Connect/ WS-Federation Role based Control Multifactor authentication Claim based identity Granular privileges Row and Field level privileges Tenant …Continue reading →


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