SaaS Architecture
SaaS Architecture

Configurable and Dynamic Notification engine

In any product or application, one of the default requirements is the ability to send communications to the users or to the outside world. There are multiple modes of communication such as sending out emails, running a sales campaign to multiple users [Bulk emails], sending a file to a manager,uploading set of files to remote server, sending sales report a manager, triggering SMS etc. Technically we can categorize the notification sending process into three parts.

  • The content of the communication
  • Properties and settings to trigger email such as SMTP details, From/To Address etc
  • The notification engine that takes care of sending notifications.

Cello provides a template based configurable Notification mechanism to send communications; this helps us to create Static and Dynamic email templates and use it throughout the application. Cello E-mail/Content templates define the structure and content of an e-mail that you want to send to customers using an E-mail or Workflow activity.

These templates can contain placeholders for content. When it is time to deliver the e-mail, the notification engine replaces the placeholders with actual content. In this way, you can personalize the content of a template for individual customers and customer segments.

Use content template with events
You can use these content templates along with an event system of CelloSaaS. For Ex: you might want to show some personalized message while some user logs in to the application, so when login event occurs, you can call the notification and pass in the user context as an input and display personalized content to the user.

Placeholders for content in e-mail templates
Using the WYIWYG editor into which you can type and format the text of your email content, and insert placeholders. During the runtime, Cello replaces the placeholder with the actual content before sending the notification. The placeholders include:

  • Custom Objects
  • Business Rules

Locale Based content

A global application is one which can serve users spread across the planet; you cannot really restrict customers from specific geography. In order to serve such customer base, your application should be ready to accept language specific content, CelloSaaS a domain neutral/locale neutral framework allows the users to create content on their own language.

Email Settings

Each customer using the application might have 100s of different Email/Dynamic content that they might use it for communication. They may have different SMTP credentials, outgoing email address, email settings such as SMTP ports etc. Cello gives the ability to the end customers to update or add dynamic email settings using the User Interface.

CelloSaaS Feature List

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