Success Stories

Client A is a leading ISV with global presence in the Workforce management space. After spending over 3 months with 4 architects, in the process of developing their own SaaS engineering stack and platform, the client came to know of cellosaas. After a rigorous process of evaluation and performance testing, the client decided to shift all their present and future product development to the cellosaas platform. With 30 Developer licenses, this was one of the prestigeous customer win for cellosaas.

Client B is a start-up ISV in the HR space. With a small team of 6 developers whose average experience was less than 3 years, the client wanted to develop a SaaS product and get to the market fast. Leaving the entire engineering and architecture of the product to cellosaas, the client was able to complete their first module and go live on Amazon within 3 months.

Client C is a leading US based ISV in the Benefits Administration space. The client recently entered in to a product development contract for 200 people months with a leading IT Services provider in India. After a joint evaluation process the client and their development partner, decided to build their entire product on top of cellosaas. With 15 developer licenses, this was another validation of the cellosaas value proposition.

Partner A, B and C are leading IT services companies with 1000s of employees each. Two of these partners are focused on product development for ISVs whereas the third is focused on the enterprise space. All these partners, have signed up with Techcello for evaluating cellosaas. Each of these partners have engaged a dedicated team from their SaaS practice to take cellosaas through the evaluation. There are many interesting, deeply technical and architectural questions that are being asked and answered in the process. Techcello will soon be sharing these discussions and insights at its website, for the benefit of every one in the SaaS engineering community.


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