CelloSaaS Ver4.0

Techcello 4.0 – New features

Techcello 4.0 was launched in September. It is compatible with Visual Studio 2010 and 2012.

Some of the new and enhanced features of cello 4.0  include :

  • Tenant – Sub tenant Hierarchy
  • Unlimited parent – child tenant nesting
  • Support for Virtual tenants (Example : Country or SBU as a tenant)
  • Tenant configuration templates
  • Tenant data scope
  • End user customizable business rules
  • End user customizable workflow designer
  • Entity framework support

Techcello is a Cloud ready Multi-tenant Application Development Platform that is being used by ISVs, Enterprises, BPO / HRO / KPOs and e-Governence vendors to build Configurable, Scalable and Multi-tenant Applications that can be deployed anywhere : from on-premise Windows / SQL boxes to Data centres, Private Cloud or Public Cloud such as Amazon and Azure. It is a productized NFR stack on top of .NET that saves 30-40%  of cost and time to market.

“Techcello’s innovative technologies enhance the Microsoft .NET ecosystem and help provide Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 developers the tools they need to successfully build and deploy cloud-based applications,” said Tom Lindeman, Director of the Visual Studio Industry Partner (VSIP) program at Microsoft.

CelloSaaS Feature List

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