Cello And Azure – Made For Each Other

Cello and Azure – Made for Each Other

Azure and Cello combination gives a perfect platform for ISVs to build or migrate their (existing) product quickly. How does Cello and Azure work together? Cello brings in a wide range of engineering building blocks, operational modules and subscription management…

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Techcello 4.0 – New Features

Techcello 4.0 – New features

Techcello 4.0 was launched in September. It is compatible with Visual Studio 2010 and 2012. Some of the new and enhanced features of cello 4.0 include : Tenant – Sub tenant Hierarchy, End user customizable business rules and workflow designer, Entity framework support..
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Symphony Teleca – Techcello Partnership : Press Release

Symphony Teleca – Techcello Partnership : Press release

A multi-tenant engineering stack, such as in TechCello’s Application Development Platform, is the core of a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application. The success of such a SaaS application relies on the way it is engineered, deployed and managed. Symphony Teleca's product engineering expertise, combined with TechCello's platform, can dramatically reduce migration and development cycles and further accelerate the time to market for these applications.
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