CelloSaaS Architect Workshop Session1

Techcello Architect Workshop: Architectural guidance, Design Pattern and Development Practices

As an innovative technology company, Techcello has always involved in spreading awareness about building Scalable Multi Tenant SaaS applications. As part of this effort, Techcello along with TechGig.com is conducting a Series of workshops for the Architects & Developer community to talk about various architectural principles, Guidelines and best practises etc. Jothi Rengarajan, Senior Technical Architect & Janaki Jayachandran, Practice Manager SaaS/Cloud, will be doing this workshop from techcello. Please find the complete Schedule and the topics of the sessions below:

Techcello_Architect_Workshop_Architectural _guidance_Design_Pattern_and_Development_ Practices

Techcello_Architect_Workshop_Architectural _guidance_Design_Pattern_and_Development_ Practices

Session 1:
Date: Tue, 27th Nov 2012, 09:30 AM GMT
  • Non functional requirements of an enterprise class application / product
  • Building for Scalability :
    • Scale out and Scale up
  • Building for Performance
  • Multi-tenancy in the enterprise context:
Session 2:
Date: Thu, 29th Nov 2012, 09:30 AM GMT
  • Building for security :
    • Privilege driven applications with dynamic data scope
  • Building for high configurability –
    • Meta data based approach to customizing views & reports
    • Meta data based approach to customizing business rules and workflows
  • Building for high Maintainability
  • Building for high modularity and developer productivity
Session 3:
Date: Tue, 4th Dec 2012, 09:30 AM GMT
  • Adopting a framework driven approach :
    • Re-usable components vs Engineering Framework
    • Monolithic stack for each app. vs Common NFR Stack for multiple applications
  • Cross Connections between NFR components and services
    • Weaving Multi-tenancy, Security and Configurability in to a cohesive framework
  • Case studies
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