Symphony Teleca – Techcello Partnership : Press Release

Symphony Teleca – Techcello Partnership : Press release

A multi-tenant engineering stack, such as in TechCello’s Application Development Platform, is the core of a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application. The success of such a SaaS application relies on the way it is engineered, deployed and managed. Symphony Teleca's product engineering expertise, combined with TechCello's platform, can dramatically reduce migration and development cycles and further accelerate the time to market for these applications.
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Tenant Sub Tenant Hierarchy And Tenant Aware Applications

Tenant Sub Tenant Hierarchy and Tenant Aware Applications

In Multi-tenant SaaS applications, the word tenant is often assumed to mean a customer organization.But it need not be the only use case. For a BPO’s internal application, used by different verticals, each tenant can be one vertical, for which the application is configured differently. For a BFSI (Banking / Finance / Securities / Investment) organization offering a market facing application, the tenant could mean one of the various channels (internal and external) that sell their products. For an ISV with a global network of distributors and resellers, providing solutions to “Retail chains” the tenant could mean any and all of the following: A National Distributor, A Reseller, A Retail chain owner (Corporate office) and a particular retail store.
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Non Functional Requirements – Check List

Non Functional Requirements – Check list

An application that addresses a diverse set of stakeholders and multiple levels of user groups is more complicated and technically challenging than an application that is focused on a niche homogenous user base. The Non functional requirements (NFRs) of such applications are hence very critical and important. Defining the NFRs independent of the functional requirements has many benefits. It leads to a focused effort on NFRs, a robust architectural framework, engineering excellence and consistency. The NFR stack when implemented as a loosely coupled framework, could also become a common stack for multiple applications / products, resulting in significant reduction in cost of development, support and maintenance (TCO).
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Support For Visual Studio 2012

Support for Visual Studio 2012

Techcello's "Cloud ready Multi-tenant Application Development Platform" currently works as a framework package with Visual Studio 2010. It is licensed and installed on developer machines. .NET Applications built using Techcello can be deployed anywhere from on-premise Windows Server Boxes to…

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