On the road to SaaS, where are you? – Single click survey results

Techcello recently conducted a survey among ISVs, to understand their thought process and questions about SaaS.

  • 20% of the ISVs are still asking : Are we ready for SaaS (O1)?
  • 36% of the ISVs are asking questions and evaluating alternatives on :- infrastructure(O2), development platforms(O3,O4), application & data architecture(O5, O6), Technology stacks & Frameworks (O7,O8).
  • 3% of the ISVs are already in the market with a multi-tenant SaaS product built on top of a APaaS. (O9)
  • 41% of the ISVs are already in the market with a SaaS product built on top of their own home grown stack(O10).

You can see the complete survey format here

Opportunity for using celloSaaS
Home grown application stacks seem to play a dominant role among ISVs who are already in the market, may be because there was no other alternative, when they started. Nevertheless, even now they could migrate their product to the celloSaaS framework, and benefit from all its features, flexibilities and continuous enhancements.

celloSaaS as a competitive advantage
ISVs who are still in the explorative phase, now could use celloSaaS as a source of competitive advantage. They can get a robust and strong engineering foundation for their product, with extensive customizability and configurability – without losing the freedom, flexibility and control associated with custom development. By focusing only on building the business features they can also get to the market faster.

CelloSaaS Feature List


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