What Gartner says about Techcello

Techcello was recently featured by Gartner as one of the Cool Vendors in Web Computing. Excerpts from the analysis written by Eric Knipp.
…majority of SaaS applications use custom multitenancy, forcing developers to incur the overhead associated with the maintenance and enhancement of a multitenancy framework. celloSaaS and celloFrame offer packaged alternatives to custom multitenancy, offering developers the promise of shorter time to market and easier maintenance.
…Organizations can use the techcello framework in any .NET environment, from on-premises Windows boxes to Windows Azure, providing a high degree of portability if an application requires multitenancy but its owner is not yet ready to fully pursue public cloud services. The techcello approach is likely to be ideal for companies — especially independent software vendors — that need to get to market relatively quickly with a multitenant SaaS solution and would like a substantial shortcut while avoiding lock-in to a proprietary application platform as a service (aPaaS).
…Application developers, application architects, application managers, chief technology officers, and any other staff involved in architectural and financial decisions about the design and implementation of new cloud-optimized applications will want to take a look at techcello’s approach, especially if they already use the .NET platform, as this will minimize the learning curve. Many enterprise IT leaders are rightfully concerned about the switching costs attached to higher-order cloud services like aPaaS, and multitenancy frameworks are one way to refocus application development for cloud computing without increasing the risk of platform lock-in.
*For full report please refer “Cool Vendors in Web Computing 2011”, (C) Gartner Inc. Gartner Report ID Number: G00211327 published on 12th April 2011. All copyrights and trade marks of Gartner Inc and its affiliates are acknowledged.



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