Opportunity for Microsoft Partners

Techcello‘s celloSaaS is focused on ISVs, SIs and Enterprises using .NET / Visual Studio. Applications built using celloSaaS framework can be hosted on Azure with SQL Azure, leveraging all its PaaS functionalities or can be hosted on-premise, in data centres or private clouds with Windows Server and MS SQL.

Opportunity for the Microsoft Partner eco-system

There are 1000s of .Net based products out there, which require to be moved to a multi-tenant model, sooner or later. And many more new applications will be built. When it comes to choosing a platform and while making build vs buy decisions, customers not only look at time and cost, they also look at the technical and strategic freedom, flexibility and control. Techcello satisfies all these criteria.

Out of the 10 million + Visual Studio users and 3 Million MSDN community, even if we assume a mere 500,000 will work on .NET based Multi-tenant SaaS or Multi-tenant Enterprise applications in the next 5 years, the TAM (@US$ 2000 / Developer) could be US$ 1 Billion over the next 5 years.

We invite ISVs, Solution Integrators, Consultants and Resellers of the Microsoft eco system to partner with Techcello in this exciting opportunity.

WPC 2011

The Senior Management of Techcello will be present at the WPC 2011. To set up a meeting, please connect with us through our website http://blog.techcello.com/contact-us.html


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