Where does Techcello fit in the Microsoft Ecosystem

Techcello’a Multi-tenant SaaS Framework :celloSaaS – fills an important gap between .NET and Cloud (Azure, Amazon, Private).

Unlike alternatives such as SaaSGrid, Force.com and Cordys, celloSaaS does not lock customers in to either a proprietary development platform or in to a non-Microsoft run time container or application server. It retains the .NET environment both during development and during run time, giving them complete technical and strategic control over their entire application stack.

The productized framework approach of Techcello, is very unique. You get the freedom, flexibility and control of custom development without the complexities, risks, cost and time overheads of building and maintaining your own multi-tenant engineering stack. It works with Visual Studio. For a developer familiar with .NET and MVC, there is no learning curve.

ISVs can now leverage their existing .NET resources and products to migrate to a true multi-tenant architecture using the celloSaaS framework, without having to bet the future of their company on emerging non-Microsoft platforms. And they can do so, piece by piece, in phases, without any drastic discontinuity in technology, business models or road maps.

Why Can’t I build this framework myself?

This is obviously the next question. Cellosaas consists of all the multi-tenant engineering components & SaaS operationalization components in a ready to use form, so that the application developer can focus only on building business features rather than engineering / SaaS features.

celloSaaS saves 40-50% on the cost of building a SaaS product or migrating an existing application to a multi-tenant architecture. You can get to the market faster. If you are planning to build or migrate multiple applications to a common foundation framework, the long term savings would be higher. It provides a robust, scalable and strong engineering foundation to your product or application and it is easily extensible. You get a tested and proven stack with maintenance support and free upgrades. The pricing is simple, clear and transparent and source code licensing options are available. http://blog.techcello.com/get-started/cellosaas.html

CelloSaaS offers extensive support for tenant level customizability configurability and security. It provides a true multi-tenant architecture at the application level and database level. All features are provided as ready to use APIs and WCF services.

Industry Adoption

Over the last one year, small, medium and large ISVs in Europe, UK, USA, India and Malaysia have chosen the celloSaaS framework either to build new products or migrate their existing / multiple products to a common foundation framework.

Because of its path breaking innovation, compelling value / price proposition and disruptive technology, Gartner featured Techcello as a Cool Vendor in April 2011. Excerpts of the analysis written by Gartner Analyst Eric Knipp can be found in this blog. http://blog.techcello.com/2011/04/gartner-cool-vendors/

And in June this year, Microsoft chose Techcello as a finalist in the Bizpark Startup Challenge.

Opportunity for Microsoft Partner Community : See next post!

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