Techcello 4.0 – New Features

Techcello 4.0 – New features

Techcello 4.0 was launched in September. It is compatible with Visual Studio 2010 and 2012. Some of the new and enhanced features of cello 4.0 include : Tenant – Sub tenant Hierarchy, End user customizable business rules and workflow designer, Entity framework support..
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Tenant Sub Tenant Hierarchy And Tenant Aware Applications

Tenant Sub Tenant Hierarchy and Tenant Aware Applications

In Multi-tenant SaaS applications, the word tenant is often assumed to mean a customer organization.But it need not be the only use case. For a BPO’s internal application, used by different verticals, each tenant can be one vertical, for which the application is configured differently. For a BFSI (Banking / Finance / Securities / Investment) organization offering a market facing application, the tenant could mean one of the various channels (internal and external) that sell their products. For an ISV with a global network of distributors and resellers, providing solutions to “Retail chains” the tenant could mean any and all of the following: A National Distributor, A Reseller, A Retail chain owner (Corporate office) and a particular retail store.
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ROI Calculator : Multi-tenant Maturity Model 2 & 4, With And Without CelloSaaS

ROI Calculator : Multi-tenant Maturity Model 2 & 4, with and without celloSaaS

On a specific request from one of our customers, we recently did a detailed analaysis of the various alternatives of building and migrating a SaaS application on .NET, their relative costs and TCO. Hosting - Windows + SQL Amazon EC2 No…

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Where does Techcello fit in the Microsoft Ecosystem

Techcello’a Multi-tenant SaaS Framework :celloSaaS - fills an important gap between .NET and Cloud (Azure, Amazon, Private). Unlike alternatives such as SaaSGrid, and Cordys, celloSaaS does not lock customers in to either a proprietary development platform or in to…

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