Non Functional Requirements – Check List

Non Functional Requirements – Check list

An application that addresses a diverse set of stakeholders and multiple levels of user groups is more complicated and technically challenging than an application that is focused on a niche homogenous user base. The Non functional requirements (NFRs) of such applications are hence very critical and important. Defining the NFRs independent of the functional requirements has many benefits. It leads to a focused effort on NFRs, a robust architectural framework, engineering excellence and consistency. The NFR stack when implemented as a loosely coupled framework, could also become a common stack for multiple applications / products, resulting in significant reduction in cost of development, support and maintenance (TCO).
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ROI Calculator : Multi-tenant Maturity Model 2 & 4, With And Without CelloSaaS

ROI Calculator : Multi-tenant Maturity Model 2 & 4, with and without celloSaaS

On a specific request from one of our customers, we recently did a detailed analaysis of the various alternatives of building and migrating a SaaS application on .NET, their relative costs and TCO. Hosting - Windows + SQL Amazon EC2 No…

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Where does Techcello fit in the Microsoft Ecosystem

Techcello’a Multi-tenant SaaS Framework :celloSaaS - fills an important gap between .NET and Cloud (Azure, Amazon, Private). Unlike alternatives such as SaaSGrid, and Cordys, celloSaaS does not lock customers in to either a proprietary development platform or in to…

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